Super EFA Liquid Plus



Super EFA Liquid Plus is a unique and highly-concentrated blend of pharmaceutical-grade fish oil along with plant sterols to specifically assist in overall cardiovascular health, particularly in reducing high cholesterol levels. This complex manufacturing process eliminates environmental pollutants and allows for the absorption of high concentrations of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) without gastric distress. In addition, a patented lipid emulsification and micro-encapsulation process is used resulting in faster and greater absorption of long-chain fatty acids. Studies show that EPA inhibits platelet aggregation and lowers serum triglyceride levels, and has beneficial effects with inflammation and allergies. Increasing evidence indicates DHA is an important contributor to cardiovascular health by improving the overall blood lipid profile. It also plays a vital role in the functioning of the retina and the central nervous system. Plant sterols inhibit the absorption of cholesterol from the diet, and lower total cholesterol and LDL in addition to modulating the immune system. Super EFA Liquid Plus is safe to take along with statins, fibrates and other cholesterol lowering drugs.