Tanalbit 500mg

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Tanalbit is an effective, plant tannin formula for the gastrointestine. Tanalbit is recommended with: Magnesium Ascorbate, TanFlora probiotic.
What are other applications for Tanalbit?

Tanalbit is also extremely helpful in GI distress. As a result of its gastrointestinal support, Tanalbit may help decrease debilitating fatigue.

The Tanalbit formula is based on the powerful astringency and high antioxidant content (high proanthocyanidin content) of natural condensed tannins.  The other component of Tanalbit is lotus rhizome extract which provides synergistic activity. Use of Tanalbit is commonly 6 weeks, more or less depending on the individual.  As a powerful antioxidant and detoxifier, Tanalbit may be taken every day as advised to help "cleanse" the GI.
Why is Tanalbit a superior gastrointestinal support product?

Because Tanalbit is complexed with casein, a protein with hydroxyproline and proline amino acids, it is able to bypass degradation by stomach acid and effectively target the large intestine and colon. The action is important for two reasons. First, it ensures that Tanalbit is effective and second, it ensures that Tanalbit targets the lower intestine. Products complexed without a protein as complex as casein are simply not as effective in comprehensively reaching the GI.