Tear Support with MaquiBright

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A common problem affecting people as they age is the onset of eye discomfort. Environmental factors, computer use, and contact lenses also increase the chances of dry, irritated, itchy eyes.1-4

Life Extension® introduces Tear Support with MaquiBright®, a unique oral supplement that supports eye health from the inside out for systemic, continuous comfort. Instead of adding artificial tears in the form of drops throughout the day, you can now take one vegetarian capsule in the morning to help support eye health for an entire day.5 Tear Support with MaquiBright® supports your bodys natural mechanisms to promote production of your own natural tears.

The secret lies in this standardized maqui berry extracts supply of compounds called delphinidins, which support natural defenses against chemical and light stimulation and ultraviolet (UV) light.5 In one study, healthy volunteers taking 60 mg of this extract daily experienced a 45% increase in tear production.6 Tear Support with MaquiBright® allows you to get your eyes back to feeling and looking their best.

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