Ten-Ingredient Detoxifying(H06)

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Ten-Ingredient Detoxifying is available by Honso Kampo

The chief herbs, fang feng and jing jie, unblock the interstices and pores and disperse external wind. The first group of deputies, du huo, chai hu and jie geng, disperses wind-dampness and enhances the dispersing action of the chief ingredients. The second group of deputies, fu ling, sheng jiang and gan cao, regulates the function of spleen and stomach and leaches out dampness. The assistant ingredients, chuan xiong and ying pi, address the blood aspects of this disorder. Thus they can help the chief ingredients extinguish the wind. The envoy, gan cao, clears heat, relieves toxicity, and harmonizes the actions of the other herbs. So this formula can disperse wind-dampness and regulates the blood.