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Thorne Researchs unique chromium complex

  • shown to provide high tissue levels of chromium*
  • helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels*
  • available only from Thorne Research

UltraChrome is Thornes patented chromium product, consisting of chromium arginate and chromium 4-oxopyridine, 2, 6-dicarboxylate. Compared to other chromium compounds, including chromium picolinate, this combination of chromium chelates appears to have the highest bioavailability.*

In an in vitro study testing glucose uptake by adipocytes, chromium 4-oxopyridine, 2, 6-dicarboxylate chelidamate was shown to have the highest tissue levels and biopotency.* Chromium arginate was the most effective at enhancing the action of insulin at the cellular level.*

Chromium is an essential nutrient for human life and is widely distributed in small quantities in food; however, the refining of flour and sugar has depleted chromium levels in many foods. Metabolic stress, strenuous exercise, and pregnancy can all increase chromium needs.* Studies suggest adequate chromium intake supports already normal blood glucose levels, insulin sensitivity, and sperm count.*