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*Nitrogen-preserved, odorless krill oil blend with vitamin D3

UltraKrill+D provides a powerful, activated omega-3 blend with the following key distinctions:
-EPA/DHA bound to phospholipids
-EPA/DHA bound to triglycerides 588 mg phospholipids per serving
-2.1 mg astaxanthin per serving for enhanced omega-3 stability
-Vitamin D3 for enhanced inflammation balance support*
-Odorless, nitrogen-preserved Caplique™ Capsules

EPA and DHA bound to phospholipids, as found naturally in krill, allows for increased bioavailability of EPA and DHA. Phospholipids provide enhanced transport of fatty acids into cells. This efficiency means less EPA and DHA are required per serving to provide omega-3 health benefits. UltraKrill+D provides 588 mg phospholipids, 210 mg EPA and 126mg DHA per serving.
UltraKrill+D krill oil blend is obtained from a sustainable and eco-friendly supply chain aimed to maintain the conservation of marine living resources by sourcing its Krill biomass only from CCAMLR Member monitored vesselsand facilities.

CCAMLR is the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources and the only internationally-recognized body, whose member states monitor Antarctic-krill harvesting to ensure a healthy eco-system in that region.