VegaLite Vanilla

Thorne Research


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A vegan-friendly protein powder

  • 20 grams of protein from a proprietary pea and rice protein blend
  • A great tasting vanilla protein supplement
  • Helps replenish amino acids after exercise*
  • Promotes repair and rebuilding of muscle tissue*
  • Low sugar content – sweetened with stevia

VegaLite is a non-whey, vegetable-based protein powder that is low in sugar, calories, and fat. VegaLite is ideal for vegans and vegetarians, for dairy-sensitive individuals, and for anyone who desires to add additional protein to their daily diet.* VegaLite is safe to use with children and the elderly.

VegaLite provides 20 grams of protein per serving, from an easily assimilated proprietary blend of pea and rice protein – a welcome alternative to more allergenic casein-, soy-, or egg-based protein sources.*

VegaLite is available in a great-tasting vanilla flavor and can be mixed with water, a beverage of choice, or blended as part of a smoothie or shake.