Vinpocetine 10mg

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In an adult, cerebral blood flow is typically 750 millilitres per minute or 15% of the cardiac output. Vinpocetine enhances cerebral blood flow by dilating blood vessels and reducing blood viscosity. Vinpocetine enhances cerebral metabolism by helping to maintain healthy blood flow and oxygen utilization.59-61

Vinpocetine is derived from vincamine, the major indole alkaloid of the periwinkle plant. No toxic effects have been seen from vinpocetine use at levels far above those recommended for this product.

When taken orally, vinpocetine is easily absorbed188, 189 and it can:

  • Improve blood supply to the brain190-197
  • Increase oxygen and glucose use by the brain190, 198-199
  • Maintain optimal energy of healthy brains189, 197-199, 200, 201
  • Maintain normal coagulation of blood202
  • Maintain healthy levels of some neurotransmitters203, 204
  • Promote healthy attention, memory and concentration205-214
  • Exerts an inhibitory effect on NF-kB-dependent inflammation215, 216

References available upon request.