Intensive Nutrition/Scientific Consulting


Viracin, is an anti-bacterial/anti-viral tannate formula for the GI. It combines the most powerful phagicidal and virucidal herbal tannins available. It contains Norwegian Maple fruit, Babul bark and Wild rhubarb (canaigre). Viracin works in the same manner as Tanalbit: attaching to the outer membrane of the target cell (in this case bacteria) which disables the cell and prevents proliferation and growth. Like Tanalbit it is non-toxic with the occasional minimal side effect of constipation and/or diarrhea. If this occurs, reduction in dosage is suggested. Viracin is designed for anti-bacterial use in the stomach and some areas of the GI tract only (it can NOT be used for venereal disease, herpes or diseases requiring intensive drug therapy). It does support the immune system during cold and flu season.