Vitality C

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Vitality C is a fully reacted, non-acidic, neutral pH Vitamin C powder that is completely water soluble. This unique formula allows the body to receive high doses of Vitamin C without the gas, diarrhea, or stomach upset that usually comes with chelation strength dosing of Vitamin C.

Vitality C is enhanced with 2000mg of GMS-Ribose which is a patented, propriety blend that has been shown to enhance the uptake of Vitamin C to the cells. GMS-Ribose was then developed and added for additional methylation enhancement and cellular uptake. Vitality C differs from regular ascorbic acid Vitamin C or other buffered products in that it has an attached sodium molecule (not the sodium Chloride which is table salt) to help with enhanced cell entry. One teaspoon of Vitality C, mixed with juice or water, provides 4g of Vitamin C.

-Supports a healthy immune system
-4 grams of Vitamin C without stomach upset per serving.