Vitalzym Cardio

World Nutrition


Vitälzym Cardio includes the same great benefits as our Vitälzym hybrid formula (systemic and digestive), while also providing cardiovascular support for a happy, healthy heart. Vitälzym Cardio harnesses the cardiovascular benefits of Vitälzym with nattokinase – a rich, all-natural enzyme shown to help support blood mobility and heart function. Vitälzym Cardio also contains CoQ10 – a powerful anti-oxidant that is naturally produced by your body – and magnesium, which have both been shown to have help maintain healthy heart function. Vitälzym Cardio gives your bloodstream the cleansing that it needs to perform at optimal health levels.*

Vitälzym Cardio is specially engineered to help support:

-Healthy blood viscosity and fibrin levels*
-Healthy heart function*
-Healthy circulation*
-Healthy gastrointestinal & digestive function*
-And so much more!