Womens Twice Daily w/o Iron

Designs for Health


Each Packet contains:
1-Twice Daily MultiTM capsule
3-OsteoForceTM Supreme capsules
1-OmegAvailTM Synergy softgel
2-FemGuard+BalanceTM capsules

OsteoForceTM Supreme features the identical array of bone-supportive nutrients found in our standard OsteoForceTM, with the addition of vitamin K2 and the protein MBP® (Milk Basic Protein) along with an increased level of vitamin D (2000 IU).

MBP® is a multifunctional, natural protein present in trace amounts in human and
bovine milk whose main role is to assist the body in its ability to support healthy bone density. MBP® is derived from the whey portion of milk protein, which is often well-tolerated, even by those with allergies/sensitivities to lactose or casein.